Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Recap (May 6)

SUNS/LAKERS (Game 7): Suns 121- Lakers 90

- Well, that was a massive dud. What an anti-climactic way to end one of the more memorable NBA playoff series in a long time. Really not too much to add about this major shellacking--the Suns beat them every way possible. The Lakers were flat out terrible at both ends of the floor. They had their second game in a row where their defense was atrocious. The pick/rolls were just destroying them: once the screen took place a whole domino effect of horrible decisions & rotations commenced. Did you see Barbosa (26 pts on 10/12) fly thru them for easy lay-in after lay-in. Diaw did the same things. It did not help that the Suns were as hot from the field as they had been the entire series (Suns shot 61%). This is something I alluded to early in the series--that the Suns were getting decent looks, their shots just were not falling. I knew this was uncharacteristic for them, one of the best shooting teams in the NBA. And this kept up for the first 4 games. I felt that the Lakers were dodging a bullet. LA is going to be kicking themselves for blowing Game 6 for a long time. On the other hand, the Lakers picked the wrong game to go stone cold from the field--35.2%. They were just missing easy shot after easy shot. Even with that, Odom's number should have been called in the post more. Boy, Kwame has bad hands--it's scary to think that he was that effective this series--cause he has very little in the way of discernible skills. The Lakers need to get themselves a point guard this summer. They don't need anyone spectacular, just someone who can hit outside shots & defend somewhat. The free agent crop is pretty weak & the point guard class in the draft isn't special, so maybe they can steal Cassell from across the hallway.