Thursday, December 21, 2006

Longest Tenure on One Team

The recent Iverson deal got me thinking about which players have the longest tenure with only one team. Iverson had been with the Sixers since the '96-'97 season, which was tied for second with Kobe for longest tenure on one team. KG stil has the longest tenure with one team, but that streak seems to be in jeopardy with every passing game.

I have compiled a list of the ten players who currently have the longest tenure with one team. The first season of the player's tenure is in parentheses.

1) Garnett ('95-'96)--I am getting a feeling that he will not be leading this list for much longer. I think Minny is coming to the realization that they do not have the ability to put together a viable package to bring an impact player in return to surround KG. So, their best bet might be to finally move KG for cap relief & young prospects--Chicago definitely looks like the best trade partner.

2) Kobe ('96-'97)--Should be on top of this list as long as he wants.

3) Z. Ilgauksas ('97-'98)--Actually was drafted in '96, so maybe you can technically make the case he has longer tenure than Duncan.

4) Duncan ('97-'98)--Is not going anywhere for at least a few years.

5) A. Foyle ('97-'98)--Boy, I bet Chris Mullin wishes Adonal was not on this list. Problem is he might still be on this list for awhile because no one wants his putrid contract.

6) Nowitzki ('98-'99)--His recent extension should keep in the top 10 for awhile.

7) P. Pierce ('98-'99)--Even with his recent extension, you always get the sense that Pierce is not long for Boston.

8) Rashard Lewis ('98-'99)--Doesn't seem that long ago he was waiting out 31 picks in the '98 green room, but his contract is coming up & the uncertainty surrounding the Sonics does not help his long tenured status

9) S. Marion ('99-'00)--Should be on this list for long time, but totally up to Rob Sarver's willingness to except the wrath of luxury tax land. Marion has been rumored to be on the move before so to relieve financial pressure on the Suns. With the re-signing of Barbosa & Diaw, do not be surprised to see Marion dealt after the season.

10) Jeff Foster ('99-'00)--Might surprise you to be on this list, but has made himself valuable by fashioning a niche as a gritty role player in Indy.

*--Duncan & Foyle's first season was 97/98. For some reason I can't change it, no idea why. Something technically wrong.


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