Wednesday, February 28, 2007

D3 Tourney Time, Baby

I love me some Division III hoops. Sure, I'm a little biased, having grown up in a D3 smalltown, and then having played a little JV ball for a D3 school, but I think it's a great game (as underrated as the D1 game is overrated).

And with my alma mater #6 in the country and blessed with a first-round bye, it should be no surprise that I'm fired up for the D3 Tournament, which tips off Thursday night.

As always, the definitive source for D3 basketball is the superlative site,

Here's this year's bracket:

The national championship will be televised live from Salem, Va. on CSTV at 5 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 17. carried webcast video of the Final Four last year (quite good quality) - I'm not sure they'll be doing that again this year.

As always, I've joined the Pick 'Em bracket game, as always I've picked my alma mater to win it all - someday we're gonna do it, and I'll win this damn bracket game!

Here's my personal D3 bracket game philosophy:
1. Consult the computerized Massey Ratings religiously.
2. Pick alma mater (Amherst) to win it all even if it defies all logic (which it actually hasn't recently, as we've made two of the last three Final Fours).
3. When in doubt, pick the team from Wisconsin (Wisc. teams have won seven of the last 18 titles [past champions], and play in the toughest conferences in the country).

After all of that, I've got Amherst, Wooster, UW-Stevens Point (#1 in the country and Terry Porter's alma mater), and Va. Wesleyan (defending champs) in the Final Four.

I'm taking Amherst over Wooster, and UW-Stevens Point over Va. Wesleyan... and then I've got the Lord Jeffs reigning triumphant over the Pointers in the national championship game!

Let's get going on the Road to Salem, baby!