Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Nite Roundup

RAPS/NETS (Game 3): Nets 102, Raps 89
- Nets control this game wire-to-wire, never really challenged by the Raps. One of the better offensive performances by NJ all year because they were consistent thru-out, no lulls.

- Well, the light bulb went off for Vince (at least tonite). He was machine--37 on 15/23 & 5 asst. Started off the bat determined to attack, and good things followed. The Raps could not stop him. And there was not obvious seams in the defense, Vince just snaked his way to some sweet contorted finishs.

- TJ Ford was the only Rap who was able to make this game respectable. Single-handedly kept the Raps alive in the 3rd with his outside shooting. The Nets were giving him ton of space, constantly going underneath pick/rolls, and he was responding (Ford had 27 on 11/22 & 8 assts). The other Rap PG, Calderon, was also given a lot of room and he responded well--12 pts on 6/6--but uncharacterisitically coughed up the ball 6 times.

- The Nets took Bosh totally out of the game. The tag-team of Moore & Collins continued their strong effort on Bosh for the series. Also, Kidd was always lurking near Bosh, making it difficult for him to find lanes. Kidd was able to help so easy because the gameplan is to sag off Ford. Especially with Bosh setting up shop at the high post close to Ford, it often made Kidd's job easier.

- The Nets got out & ran pretty well, and it helps when your point guard can rebound so well & start the break by himself. Kidd had another super all-around game--16, 19 assts, 12 rebs, & 3 stls. Like how he even looked for his own points a little more tonite. This one thing that I think Kidd has not done enough this year--too unselfish for a guy who can finish with both hands & punish most opposing 1s inside.

- Raps have to get Bosh going. In both losses, the Nets have contained him pretty well. They should set him up closer to the blocks, get him away from Ford up high because it allows Kidd to help so easy. Put him on a side paired up with Ant Parker, the best Rap shooter. Sam has to do something to get Bosh into better positions.

MAVS/WARRIORS (Game 3): Mavs 109, Warriors 91
- Can we rescind Dirk's MVP? I'm considering retroactively switching my pick to Duncan. Yeah, he had 20 & 12, but he could be much more of a force in this series especially since the Warriors have no one close to match up with him. He just doesn't fight for post position. If any defender puts up any bit of slight resistance, Dirk will just accept it.

- Avery's getting badly outcoached by Nellie. The 2nd game out of 3 where the Dallas offense was totally discombobulated. It's like they don't have a solid gameplan to go at the Warriors; the Mavs look lost out there. Avery, Dirk has a distinct height advantage--get his ass in the post. Yes, GS will probably send doubles periodically, so you design alignments to expose the shifting defense. I don't care what the Warriors are doing, there is no way the Mavs should look this bad for 2 games. They are too good, one of the best offenses in the league. This team needs to attack the painted area vs. the Warriors. But this is the one minor flaw of this team, they can't adjust out of their jumpshot mentality. And another underrated fact that is hurting the Mavs: they are shooting 11/50 from 3pt. for the series. The Mavs shot 38% for the year, 4th best in NBA.

- Basically all the Warriors ate up the Mavs. Jason Richardson led the way with 30 on 12/19, mixing up some mid-range posts with outside bombs (4/10). Andris Biedrins got the start and used his athleticism to cause havoc in the lane with strong finishs & 10 boards.

-What's somewhat interesting is that the Warriors only shot 6/23 from 3pt. I felt they would have to rip it up from deep to have a chance, but they have been able to hang by only shooting 27.4% from 3pt for the series. But maybe the Mavs only shooting 22% might help them out.

-Warriors have to be commended for winning the overall board battle by 2. They have done a good job not getting totally destroyed on the boards in this series considering they were dead last in the reg. season & Dallas happened to be one of the best. But G.S. did give up too many off. boards again (17), but it was tempered by Dallas giving up too many as well.

- The Mavs just need to settle down, take their time, and be aggressive on offense. It would be nice if they attempted to post Dirk up some & look to play off him. Warriors should just keep slingin-n-flingin.


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