Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The LeBron Decision

I can barely believe that we even need to discuss the situation about whether LeBron should have taken the last shot in Game 1. His job is not to take the shot or make the pass; his job is to make the play. And that's exactly what he did - sucked in the defense and got a fantastic look for a v. good shooter, instead of taking a tough shot in traffic. Sometimes guys miss shots.

I mean, the supporting examples are so obvious and blatant, and I know I'm not the first one to bring these up:
-1991, Game 5: Jordan trusts in Pax, continually drawing doubles and feeding him for J's that allow Chicago to break away from L.A. and clinch their first title
-1993, Game 6: Jordan draws the D and gives up the ball, which eventually lands in the hands of Pax - again, setting up a great look for a great catch-and-shoot shooter
-1997, Game 6, Jordan draws the double and finds Kerr for the wide-open championship-clincher.

It's completely ridiculous to me that this is even an issue. Honestly. If you want to criticize him for not getting to the line, that's very fair, but this is ridiculous.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Steven said...

Don't forget MJ's famous double nickel game against the Knicks. Last shot? A pass to Bill Wennington (who used to miss the pass and/or dunk during his Mavericks days with Uwe Blob).


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