Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lakers Levity

After our eight-million-word diatribe against Bill James, we thought we'd go a little shorter and lighter with a brief interlude of Lakers levity today:

When I e-mailed my friend to tell him that I thought this line from Mark Heisler of the LA Times (on TrueHoop) was the quote of the day...:
    "Buss wants to keep Kobe as surely as he wants to keep charging $2,200 for courtside seats and dating 21-year-old girls."
...said friend's return reply was:
    "I gotta think that if I were 80 and dating 21yo girls, the rest would be pretty much irrelevant."
On Buss's behalf, he is just 74 AND, more important, he bears a striking resemblance to certain highly attractive celebrities:
Jerry Buss
Rip Taylor