Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dr. Pepper's Dr. J Blasphemy

So, I saw Dr. J's Dr. Pepper commercial for the first time last night. What I saw at about the :09 mark was outright blasphemy:

Faking the footage of one of the signature moves in NBA history, when Doc went around the Lakers and the basket in the 1980 Finals, a feat of gravity-defying grace which was years ahead of its time?! What the Landsberger is going on here? Blasphemy, we say!

Please, take a quick 30 seconds and give the authentic classic play its due:

Honestly, if you can't get the rights of the real footage, why not at least get the rights to a clip of Doc as Moses Guthrie in The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh!:

Seriously! Mighty, Mighty Pisces, aw yeah....