Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Analysis of Sergiy Gladyr

Sergiy Gladyr
MBC Mykolaiv (Ukraine)
6-5 shooting guard
19 Years Old

On Tuesday we took a detailed look at Euro prospect Jonas Jerebko, today we take a look at another Euro, Ukraine's Sergiy Gladyr. Gladyr is a 6-5 shooting guard with nice athletic ability, who was the second leading scorer on MBC Mykolaiv of the Ukrainian League. Sergiy averaged 15.4 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.4 apg, & 1.5 spg in 29 mins. a game in the Ukraine.

Sergiy is currently projected as a 2nd round prospect, and possibly could have been a 1st-rounder if he had more exposure. Didn't get to see Gladyr play quite as much as I did with Jerebko, so realize this analysis is based on a small sample size.

What makes Gladyr intriguing is his shooting--he's one of the better pure shooters in the draft. His shooting numbers are not overwhelming (36% from 3pt), but he clearly has a sweet-shooting stroke. As opposed to Jerebko, does a great job getting his legs into the shot and shows great balance on his jumper.

Only 19 years old but already shows the ability to drill shots coming off screens. A few times where he pulled the trigger in triple-threat position with a defender in his grill. Overall quick release on his shot. Seems pretty confident in his abilities.

He's not strictly a shooter thanks to his athleticism and good ball-handling. Pretty nice handle where he loves to use his left hand, and has an effective crossover dribble. Looked comfortable playing off the dribble, and showcased solid finishing ability.

Did have some issues when trapped on pick/rolls which led to a handful of turnovers; had some issues in general when a second defender approached him. Seemed to be a little careless with the ball sometimes. Solid rebounder for a 2-guard.

Sergiy is a pretty good athlete by Ukrainian League standards, but how he rates as a NBA athlete is hard to gauge. If he was a Top 10 scorer in the ACB (Spain) or Italy then I'd feel more assured of his potential. But the Ukrainian League is a considerable step down from those domestic leagues. Though, Draft Express said Gladyr's athleticism appears pretty good at the Euro Reebok Camp, so that's encouraging for his NBA future.

Could very well turn into a 2nd-round steal if his athleticism can transfer over, because he might have the most polished offensive skill-set of any 2-guard in the Draft after James Harden.

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