Monday, March 19, 2007

National Champions!

Well, my alma mater, Amherst, did it this weekend, winning the Division III National Championship after controlling the championship game from start to finish on Saturday, defeating the defending champs, Virginia Wesleyan, 80-67.

I'm thrilled that we've entered the broadband era, which allowed me to watch the last four games of the run either via live webcast or on CSTV from across the country.

It was fun to watch: the guys played with a lot of teamwork on both ends and had great balance - five guys in double figures in the championship game - though the clear leader was point guard Andrew Olson, a Steve Nash for the D-3 game.

Congratulations to the guys and to Coach Hixon for the crowning achievement in his long career.

I am waiting (impatiently) for the guys at to update their bracket game to see just how high I climbed after my homer pick of Amherst to win it all came through.

Have I mentioned that we have three starters coming back, including Olson... oh, alright, that's a wrap on the D-3 updates for this year... back to the big boys.