Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hoops TV Week: Feb 5-11

Here's our look at highlights from the next 7 days of basketball on TV. We come at it from the perspective of an NBA fan for the most part - college/high-school listings will focus on top prospects, as well as the biggest games. All times Eastern.

Lakers-Celtics, Kobe-LeBron, Carolina-Duke. Quite a week.

Noon: NBA - Lakers vs. Celtics (2008 Finals Marathon), NBA TV
From noon-6, all six games of the 2008 Finals are being run in one-hour installments, leading up to tonight's Lakers-Celtics showdown.

6 p.m.: NBA - Lakers vs. Celtics (Christmas 2008), NBA TV
Re-airing of the Christmas Day battle, an outstanding game of regular-season basketball.

8 p.m.: NBA - Lakers at Celtics, TNT
Let's get it on.

10 p.m.: NBA - 1992 All-Star Game, NBA TV
The Magic game.

5 p.m.: NBA - Suns at Warriors (1994 Playoffs), ESPN Classic
Chuck goes for 56 in Game 3 as revenge for the Nike commercial featuring Sprewell and Webber gloating over C-Webb's dunk over Barkley.

8 p.m.: NBA - Blazers at Thunder, League Pass
In last week's installment of Hoops TV Week, we asked how LeBron at the Garden and Kobe at the Garden could possibly not be on national TV. Let's just say we feel justified.

In this week's, we ask a similar question of this game: how can the first game including both Greg Oden and Kevin Durant not be on national TV? Especially when the national game is Nuggets-Wizards?

9:30 p.m.: 60 Minutes/Classic: Magic Johnson/Dikembe Mutombo, ESPN Classic
We don't think one should ever pass up a Dikembe Mutombo interview.

12:30 p.m.: Euroleague - Olympiacos vs. Tau Ceramica, NBA TV
We're just the messenger here - former Texas player Gabe Muoneke, who has played all over the world, says in his HoopsHype blog: "This year's Tau team would make the playoffs in the NBA. If not, they are at worst the best European team I've seen since Manu Ginobili's Bologna team."

7 p.m.: NBA - Heat at Sixers, League Pass
A matchup of two ballclubs that can be pretty entertaining.

9 p.m.: NCAA - Memphis at Gonzaga, ESPN
Includes two talented first-round prospects - Tyreke Evans and Austin Daye.

1 p.m.: NBA - Spurs at Celtics, ABC
3:30 p.m.: NBA - Lakers at Cavaliers, ABC
Now *that's* a doubleheader, baby. Football season is officially over now. Hopefully Pop will actually play his players on Sunday.

3 p.m.: NBA - 1998 All-Star Game, NBA TV
Michael's real last All-Star Game, in New York. That other one in Atlanta where he took 28 attempts at the game-winning shot doesn't count.

1 p.m.: NBA - 2001 All-Star Game, NBA TV
One of our favorites, as Iverson, Mutombo and (yes) Marbury fight back for a ferocious fourth-quarter comeback.

1 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1998), ESPN Classic
3 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1984), ESPN Classic
5 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1984 ACC Tournament), ESPN Classic
Three days of classic Carolina-Duke games headed into this year's edition. Go the Carolina-Duke rivalry page on Wikipedia if you want to know the results. We won't spoil it for you. We will note that the 1984 game were Jordan games.

2 p.m.: NBA - 2004 All-Star Game, NBA TV
Entertaining ballgame in L.A.

1 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1994), ESPN Classic
3 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1992), ESPN Classic
5 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (1995), ESPN Classic
1995 was The Capel Shot:

7 p.m.: Who's #1?: Best NBA Teams, ESPN Classic

10:30 p.m.: NBA - Knicks at Warriors, League Pass
10:30 p.m.: NBA - Thunder at Lakers, League Pass
There's nothing like some late-night run-and-gun on the League Pass. NY and GS play first-one-to-150 at Oracle, and KD tries to keep pace with Kobe in LA.

Noon: NBA - 2006 All-Star Game, NBA TV
Close finish in Houston.

1 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (2000), ESPN Classic
3 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (2004), ESPN Classic
5 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina-Duke (2008), ESPN Classic

8 p.m.: NBA - Celtics at Hornets, League Pass
Check the schedule - there are really oodles of good games on this night. Consider it your last League Pass gorging before the All-Star break.

9 p.m.: NCAA - North Carolina at Duke, ESPN
The renewal of one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

10 p.m.: NBA - Thunder at Blazers, League Pass
Durant and Oden run it back. Yes, that's three Thunder games for the week.


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