Thursday, April 05, 2007

Corey Brewer = Tayshaun Prince

- Corey Brewer: Seems like Brewer is everyone's flavor of the month. He's good, definite Top 15 good, but not so sure Top 5 good. Brewer is nowhere near as good a shooter as people are making him out to be. I wish certain pundits would stop calling him a deadly shooter. He shot the ball really well this weekend but last weekend he was a combined 1/9 from 3pt vs. Butler/Oregon. For the last 2 years, thought his shooting was subpar (he has a slight hitch in his release) & his 3pt. % for the season points to that (33%). Also, he's never shown much in the way of a mid-range game. Never really seen much evidence of the ability to hit pull-up jumpers from 12-15 feet; something you would want to see from a wing player you project into the Top 5. Offensively, he does finish well, but overall, nothing amazing.

Here's the best comparsion to Brewer: Tayshaun. Both long, skinny 6-9 guys who can guard 2s & 3s, & even can guard 1s & 4s on occasions. Both guys are average shooters at best & solid ball-handlers. Brewer might be a slighty better passer, both about same when it comes to rebounding, 4-5 per. Brewer ain't Josh Howard unless he can prove he boards like Josh. Howard averaged around 8 boards a game at Wake. Maybe Corey's board numbers were effected by Al & Noah, a possibility. But right now he is a T. Prince clone. Pretty nice, just not sure a Top 5 in this draft.

I really can't see much separation between him & Jeff Green (the GTown forward, not Larry David's Manager). Actually think Green's better offensively, better shooter for sure. Green has a nice little game in the paint, and is a solid ball-handler. Pretty much an equal passer & rebounder to Brewer. No doubt Brewer is the better defender, but if you are going to put Brewer in the Top 5, you better put Green right next to him.

Everyone is crapping on Green because of the underachieving Semifinal. Not saying some of the blame falls on Green's shoulders but some of the blame definitely falls on Coach Thompson for not making adjustments. Also, I think some people are being shortsighted not taking into account the concept of the Princeton offense, and how that sort of restricts Green from "taking over". I think much more of the blame should be on Thompson for not adjusting. The Hoyas were continuing to try to have their players up high dribble across the top-o-key to set up bounce passes for back-door cuts, but Ohio State was not allowing many cuts in the lane all game. You can't be too harsh on Green for one game. And you can't go overboard on Brewer after he has one great shooting weekend.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous matt said...

THANK YOU for setting the record straight on Brewer. I too have been really annoyed at all the TV guys who watched the Final Four and immediately started calling him a great shooter without looking up any numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I like Brewer a lot as a player, and I think his shooting will probably improve in the NBA, but he's not a great shooter right now.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Funny, I said the same thing about him at the fanhouse:

He's not a great shooter, but can develop a shot. Finding potential all league defender like Brewer is very difficult. I'm sure a lot of teams wished they would have drafted Tayshaun in the lottery when they had the chance. That's why Brewer will be a top 10 pick.

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