Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoops TV Week: Feb 12-18

Here's our look at highlights from the next 7 days of basketball on TV. We come at it from the perspective of an NBA fan for the most part - college/high-school listings will focus on top prospects, as well as the biggest games. All times Eastern.

All All-Star, all the time.

Dunk Contest marathon coming on NBA TV:
2 p.m./8 p.m.: ABA - 1976 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
The original - we've always been big fans of Artis Gilmore's work in this one.
2:15 p.m./8:15 p.m.: NBA - 1984 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Larry Nance v. Dr. J in the NBA original.
2:30 p.m./8:30 p.m.: NBA - 1985 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Nique defeats MJ.
3 p.m./9 p.m.: NBA - 1986 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Spud goes crazy in Dallas.
3:30 p.m./9:30 p.m.: NBA - 1987 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
MJ builds his legend in Seattle.
4 p.m./10:00 p.m.: NBA - 1988 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Jordan gets the homer win over Dominique in Chicago.
4:30 p.m./10:30 p.m.: NBA - 1991 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Dee Brown pumps it up.
5 p.m./11 p.m.: NBA - 2000 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Vince Carter goes bananas in Oakland.
5:30 p.m./11:30 p.m.: NBA - 2003 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Jason Richardson wins his second in a row in Atlanta.
6 p.m./12 a.m.: NBA - 2005 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Josh Smith shows love to Dominique.
6:30 p.m./12:30 a.m.: NBA - 2006 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Nate Robinson may still be attempting dunks as we speak.
7 p.m./1 a.m.: NBA - 2007 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Gerald Green blows out the candle.
7:30 p.m./1:30 a.m.: NBA - 2008 Dunk Contest, NBA TV
Superman takes flight in New Orleans.

9 p.m.: NCAA - UCLA at Arizona State, ESPN
10:30 p.m.: NCAA - USC at Arizona, FSN
Arizona schools vs. the SoCal schools this week in the Pac-10 - a great chance to check out prospects James Harden, Jordan Hill, Demar DeRozan, Jrue Holiday, Chase Budinger, Darren Collison, Taj Gibson, and Jeff Pendergraph, all of whom could be drafted by the early second round in June.

5 p.m.: NBA - Pistons at Lakers (1988 Finals, Game 6), ESPN Classic
One of the greatest performances in NBA history, as Isiah goes for an amazing 25 points in the third quarter on one leg.

7 p.m.: High School - Lincoln (Brooklyn) vs. St. Patrick's (NJ), ESPN2
Lincoln's Lance Stephenson is a top 10 senior, while St. Patrick's Michael Gilchrist is considered to be one of the two best sophomores.

9 p.m.: NBA- Rookie Challenge, TNT
Rookie vs. Sophs in Phoenix.

1 p.m.: NCAA - UCLA at Arizona, CBS
Looks like just a regional broadcast, unfortunately. And yes, that's a 10 a.m. start on the West Coast for some reason.

4 p.m.: NBDL - All-Star Game, NBA TV
We still like the idea of having the D-Leaguers play the rookies.

5 p.m.: NBA - Inside the NBA including H-O-R-S-E, TNT
Interesting experiment with Durant, Mayo, Joe Johnson contesting in H-O-R-S-E.

6:30 p.m.: NBA - David Stern News Conference, NBA TV
The State of the NBA 2009.

7 p.m.: NBA - Slam Dunk Theater, TNT
From TNT's release: "TNT will present NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Theater which will track the evolution of the Slam Dunk Contest and examine how key factors, such as showmanship, creativity and even props, have become just as important as the dunk itself."

8:30 p.m.: NBA - All-Star Saturday, TNT
Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge, Three-Point Shootout and the Slam Dunk.

All-Star Game marathon on Classic heading into this year's game:
Noon: NBA - 1972 All-Star Game, ESPN Classic
2 p.m.: NBA - 1982 All-Star Game, ESPN Classic
4 p.m.: NBA - 1988 All-Star Game, ESPN Classic
6 p.m.: NBA - 1998 All-Star Game, ESPN Classic

8:30 p.m.: NBA - All-Star Game, TNT
The world's greatest athletes take the stage in Phoenix.

10 p.m.: NCAA - USC at Arizona St., FSN

7 p.m.: NCAA - UConn vs. Pitt, ESPN
Enjoy your NBA offday with this matchup of #1 vs. #4 in college hoops.

8:30 p.m.: NBA - Nets at Rockets, League Pass
If Yi Jianlian plays, you can bet this matchup of Yao v Yi will be the most-watched regular season game of the year overall.

4 p.m.: NBA - Lakers at Warriors (1987 Playoffs), NBA TV
Sleepy Floyd goes off for a playoff record 29 points in a quarter.

8 p.m.: NBA - Magic at Hornets, ESPN
CP3 vs. D-12.

8:30 p.m.: NBA - Nets at Mavericks, League Pass
Devin Harris vs. Jason Kidd in Dallas.