Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Best Basketball Commercials...
For the Pre-1995 Crowd

As I was perusing the recent posts about the best NBA-related commercials ever, I thought that more love needed to be shown to those of us in the pre-1995 crowd, so I went beyond YouTube to dig up a few more classics that need to be part of the discussion.


Doesn't look like much now, but this campaign really started modern sports/Nike advertising as we know it. Actually, this isn't the ad I remember as the most arresting.

My memory might be failing me, but I seem to recall one with the same flight attendant/jet engine audio, where Mike started from the opposite foul line on a playground court, came down the "runway" in slo-mo and took off from around the foul line. I distinctly remember that everyone from the hoopheads to the stoners in school were talking about these spots when they came out.


  • Ice: Try to suspend your feelings about circa-2007 hate-spewing Timmy Hardaway for a few minutes to relive his early-90s glory days, when he coaxed the magical phrase "One thing I could do... was finger roll" out of the Iceman.
  • Barkley: Good stuff from Spree & C-Webb about Webb's famous rookie year dunk over Barkley. Inside the NBA watchers will know that Charles was none too happy about this one, and was inspired to drop 56 on the Warriors in the playoffs later that year (actually 1994, not '92 as it says on the page).
  • C-Webb: Sisters love C-Webb... and you gotta love "The Big Payback" from the G.F.O.S. (R.I.P.).

Basketball talk in an African-American barbershop is as bankable of a sports TV show formula as the Chuckster with an open mic - why there isn't a weekly interview show in this setting is beyond me. Someone like Kenny Smith would be a perfect host: Jet interviewing an NBA player in an NY barbershop each week? Gold.

"Money": OK, it's not NBA, but it's still a true classic, complete with flat-tops and cheesy guitar riffs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the one with the quote "I shoot like a God"....

"Le scarpe, no!": A bit of an avant-garde spot for the European market in Chuck's post-Barcelona heyday - a 30-second basketball opera, all in Italian. Bizarrely brilliant.

OK, I tried in vain to find the old Barkley ads with Humpty-Hump, or the local "Sonics In Your Home" spots from their mid-90s heyday, but this is all I've got for now as far as must-have additions to the canon.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger JT said...

Barkley of Seville is great. I'd almost forgotten about it. But this one is my all time favorite.

I've been looking for the "I shoot like a god" clip, too. Was that for Reebok?

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